JPS Report (17-02-16 Meeting)

JPS: Quick Facts

  • 2 issues per year
  • Next issue (Vol. 27, No. 1), April 2016
  • Blind review (single)
  • Manuscript management: ScholarOne (link)
  • Average submit-to-decision time (2014-2015): 21 days
  • Average decision-to-publication time (2014-2015): 4 months

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Submission/Acceptance Stats

Submission by country


(Data from 2011-present. Other countries include Algeria, Indonesia, Yemen, Ecuador, Libya, Macao, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Russia, Sudan, Turkey and United Kingdom. Total submission = 241)

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Acceptance by country


(Data from 2011-present. Other countries include Australia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Palestine and Turkey. Total acceptance = 65)

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Currently indexed in:


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Next Publication Schedules

JPS Vol. 27, No. 1

Tentative publication April 2016 (production in progress). Accepted articles:

  1. The Effect of Chemical Modification of Wood Fiber with Salicylic Acid / Ethanol on Properties of Recycled High Density Polyethylene/Wood Fiber Composites, by Supri Abdul Ghani, Mohamad Hanif Mohd Pisal, Firuz Zainuddin and Hanafi Ismail
  2. The Imprinted MCM-41 Palladium(II) Salen Complex: Its Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activity for the Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction, by Farook Adam and Salih Hamza Abbas
  3. Amine Accessibility and Chemical Stability of Silver SPR Chips Silanized with APTES via Vapor Phase Deposition Method, by Mohammad Ghorbanpour
  4. Influence of Washing Medium Pre-treatment towards Pyrolysis Yields and Product Characteristics of Palm Kernel Shell, by Aizuddin Abdul Rahman, Fauziah Sulaiman and Nurhayati Abdullah
  5. Synthesis, Characterization and Cytotoxicity Activity of Thiazole Substitution of Coumarin Derivatives (Characterization of Coumarin Derivatives), by Fatimah Suhaily Abdul Rahman, Samina Khan Yusufzai, Hasnah Osman and Dasmawati Mohamad
  6. Structural Characteristics, Thermal Degradation Behaviour, and Tensile Properties of Hand Extracted Entada Mannii Fibres, by Balogun O.P., Omotoyinbo J.A and Alaneme K.K
  7. Fractographic Analysis of Tensile Failure in Dual Phase Medium Carbon Low Alloy Steels, by Monday Itopa Momoh, Uyime Donatus and Kenneth Kanayo Alaneme
  8. Measurement of Attenuation Properties of Protective Materials Used as Thyroid Guard and Apron for the Personel Protection against Diagnostic Medical X-Rays, by Haluk Yücel, Emre Güllüoglu, Sölen çubukçu and Yigit Ali Üncü

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JPS Vol. 27, No. 2

Tentative publication November 2016. Accepted articles:

  1. Ultrasound-assisted Extraction of Oil from Calophyllum inophyllum Seeds: Statistical Optimization Using Box-Behnken Design, by Faiznur Mohd Fuad, Mashitah Mat Don and Khairiah Abdul Karim
  2. Tensile and Thermal Properties of Crosslinked Chitosan/Empty Fruit Bunch Biofilms by Phthalic Anhydride, by Salmah Husseinsyah, Chan Ming Yeng, Mohamad Arine Aizeq Bin Ahmad Amirudin
  3. Properties of Recycled High Density Polyethylene (RHDPE)/ Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Blends: The Effect of Blends Composition and Compatibilizers, by A. R. H. Fatimah, Supri A. G. and Z. Firuz
  4. An Evaluation of Sodium Ethyl Xanthate for the Froth Flotation Upgrading of a Carbonatitic Copper Ore, by Abraham Adeleke
  5. Enhanced Band gap energy and electrochromic Behaviour of Selenium Incorporated Copper Thin Film, by J. Peter, P. Karpagavinayagam, C. Vedhi
  6. Measurement of Shielding Effectiveness of Building Blocks Against 662 Kev Photons, by Oluwaseun Adedoyin and Abiodun Ayodeji
  7. The Synthesis and Characterisation of 2-methyl-N-((4-methylpyridine-2-yl)carbamothiol) Benzamide: Its Preparation with Antibacterial Study, by Farook Adam, Nur Nadia Fatihah, Nadiah Ameram, Sreeramanan Subramaniam and Safiah Ahmad Mubarrakh
  8. Heavy Metal Profile of Shilajit Samples Obtained From Gilgit and Chellas (Pakistan), by Muhammad Rahim, Imdadullah Mohammadzai, Waseem Hassan and Nazir Ahmad (Short comm.)

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Submission Process


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