Preliminary Studies on 222Rn Concentration in Ground Water from Zaria, Nigeria


Preliminary studies on ground water samples from selected wells and boreholes in the city and surrounding areas of Zaria were carried out to determine the concentration of 222Rn. The analysis was carried out during the dry season when the weather was fairly stable and the community depended solely on ground water sources for domestic use. Measurements were carried out using a liquid scintillation counter at the Center for Energy Research and Training, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria-Nigeria. The average concentration obtained was 7.18 ± 1.11 Bq/ for wells and 7.41 ± 2.04 Bq/l for borehole waters. The results are within the maximum concentration limit of 11.1 Bq/l and world average value of 10 Bq/l for drinking water.


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