A Control System on the Syringe Pump Based on Arduino for Electrospinning Application


In this research, a control system in the form of a syringe pump has been developed to control the volume and flow rate of a liquid or a solution. The syringe pump is fabricated by controlling the speed and pulse width modulation (PWM) of stepper motors based on the Arduino Uno microcontroller board. The tools used are a stepper motor as a syringe driver, the Arduino Uno as a controller, a four-digit seven-segment display and a keypad matrix as an input interface. The syringe pump works by pushing the injection pump whose speed has been adjusted to the flow rate. The speed of the flow rate and volume are obtained by setting the delay time of the stepper motor using PWM pins from the Arduino Uno. The syringe pump is observed to work in the flow rate range of 0.10–12.00 ml h–1. The system can be applied to medical settings as the control of volume and flow rate of drug fluids as well as with nanofibres using electrospinning technique.