Analysis of the Absorption Spectra of Styrene-butadiene in Toluene


The absorption spectra of styrene-butadiene in toluene at varying concentrations (0.1–0.6 wt%) were studied, and a theoretical model for these spectra was estimated. A blue shift towards a shorter wavelength of approximately 31.64 nm was observed as the concentration was increased. A theoretical model of the effect of concentration on the absorption spectra of styrene-butadiene in toluene was estimated utilising the “Table Curve 2D, version 5.01” program. This theoretical model was then applied to the test concentration of 0.45 wt% styrene-butadiene in toluene, which had not been measured experimentally. A good agreement for the wavelength values and appearance of the overall spectra was observed between the experimental and predicted spectra.


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