Comparison of the Effects of Palm Oil Ash, Carbon Black and Halloysite Nanotubes on the Properties of Polypropylene/ Recycled Natural Rubber Glove Composites


The comparative effects of palm oil ash (POA), carbon black (CB) and halloysite nanotubes (HNTs) on the processability, mechanical properties and thermal stability of polypropylene/recycled natural rubber glove (PP/rNRg) composites were studied. The POA based composites showed the lowest processability. The HNTs has a better reinforcement effect compared to POA and CB. HNTs showed a higher tensile strength at 2 phr, whereas POA and CB showed their highest tensile strengths at 4 phr. All fillers reduced the elongation at break but increased the tensile modulus of PP/rNRg composites. The incorporation of POA, CB and HNTs improved the thermal stability of PP/rNRg composites.


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