Enhanced Characterisation Studies and Synthesis of Undoped and Copper Doped-Organic Nonlinear Optical Single Crystal: L-Alanine Aluminium Nitrate


Single crystals of untreated and copper (Cu2+) metal ion-doped L-alanine aluminium nitrate (LAAN), a room-temperature slow evaporation organic nonlinear optical material. Single crystals were studied for structural, spectral, optical, hardness, second- order non-linear optical, electrical [(alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC)], and photoconductivity properties as they grew. Crystallinity, monoclinic structure with space collection P21, and lattice specifications were deliberate using single crystal X-ray diffraction investigation. The existence of functional clusters is revealed by the spectral properties, and the means of vibration of various molecular clusters existing in LAAN were evaluated using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR). The low cut-off wavelength and transmittance properties were determined using optical analysis. The band gap energy of LAAN and Cu-doped LAAN crystals was estimated to be 3.40 eV and 2.70 eV, respectively, using the Tauc plot. It was revealed that pure crystals had a lower dielectric constant than crystals that had been doped with copper. After doping with rising temperatures, AC conductivity started to rise. With the use of the Kurtz and Perry approach, the effectiveness of the grown crystal’s second harmonic generation was computed, Cu-doped LAAN was discovered to be 3.3 times more prominent than potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) and 2.2 times more prominent than pure LAAN crystals. The nonlinear optical characteristics of LAAN crystals have therefore been improved by copper doping. It is most suited for use in electro-optic applications like laser technology, telecommunications and optical signal processing because of its negative photoconductivity.