The Implementation of Fuzzy Expert Systems on Concrete Bridge Investigation with Octave

To cite this article: Setiono, Wibowo & Marwoto, S. (2018). The implementation of fuzzy expert systems on concrete bridge investigation with Octave. J. Phys. Sci., 29(Supp. 2), 147–157,


Bridge is an infrastructure that has an important role in economic activities of the community. Throughout its service period, a bridge experiences various problems due to environmental factors and traffic loads. This study is focused on investigating the conditions of concrete bridge infrastructure in Surakarta, Indonesia based on fuzzy expert system method developed with Octave open source software as tool. This study is conducted by building a fuzzy expert system application based on bridge members’ conditions to obtain overall level performance of the bridge. In general, this research is divided into three parts. Firstly, to conduct surveys of several bridges conditions as sample data for application. Secondly, to build a model of fuzzy membership function and fuzzy inference engine for each type of bridge condition. Thirdly, to develop an application of fuzzy expert system based on the model developed with Octave. The result of the research can be used in an expert system application to determine the condition level of the bridges.


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