Simulation Study of GaN/Al1-xGaxN Quantum Well (QW) Operating in the UV Region

To cite this article: Rashid, M. J. et al. (2019). Simulation study of GaN/Al1-xGaxN quantum well (QW) operating in the UV region. J. Phys. Sci., 30(1), 25–32,


This study describes the characteristics of GaN/Al1-xGaxN quantum well  (QW) operating in the UV region by varying different parameters. It is well known that  the spontaneous and piezoelectric polarisations in wurtzite nitride heterostructures give  rise to large built-in electric fields, which leads to an important consequence in the  optical properties of GaN/Al1-xGaxN quantum wells. We first modelled the effect of electric  field on the calculated electronic band structure. The increase in electric field affected  the band structure for a fixed QW and barrier thickness. Then we investigated the effect  of QW thickness on the bandgap energy for different electric fields. Afterwards, the Al  composition (1-x) and Al1-xGaxN barrier thickness are varied for different well thickness  with a fixed electric field.