Glutaraldehyde Crosslinked Polyvinyl Alcohol/Eggshell Powder Biocomposite Films: Properties and Biodegradability


The utilisation of waste materials in polymer matrices is gaining attraction due to the growing environmental awareness. In this work, eggshells waste was added into polyvinyl alcohol to produce biocomposite films via solution casting method. In order to enhance the properties of the biocomposite, glutaraldehyde (GA) was incorporated as the crosslinking agent. The effects of GA content on the biocomposite were evaluated in terms of its tensile properties, physical properties and biodegradability. From the tensile test, the optimum GA content was found to be 2 phr as portrayed by the highest tensile strength at this GA content. Further addition of GA deteriorated the mechanical properties of the biocomposite. On the other hand, the water absorption, water vapour transmissibility and biodegradability (via natural weathering and soil burial) of the biocomposite films decreased with GA addition.