Properties of Recycled High Density Polyethylene (RHDPE)/Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Blends: The Effect of Blends Composition and Compatibilisers

To cite this article: Hamim, F. A. R, Abdul Ghani, S. & Zainudin, F. (2016). Properties of recycled high density polyethylene (RHDPE)/ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) blends: The effect of blends composition and compatibilisers. J. Phys. Sci., 27(2), 23–39,


Recycled high density polyethylene (RHDPE)/ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) blends with different blend compositions and compatibilisers were prepared by using melt blending technique in Brabender Plasticorder at temperature 160°C and rotor speed of 50 rpm for 10 min. The compatibilisation of RHDPE/EVA blends were enhanced by the addition of 6 phr of polyethylene-grafted-maleic anhydride (PE-g-MAH) and caprolactam-maleic anhydride (CL-MAH) as compatibilisers. The tensile properties, swelling behaviour, morphology and infrared spectroscopy analysis were studied. The tensile properties and morphology analysis showed that RHDPE/EVA blends became softer with the increasing EVA content. The results also revealed that there was good compatibility between RHDPE/EVA blends with addition of PE-g-MAH and CL-MAH lead to improvement in tensile properties and swelling behaviour of the blends compared to RHDPE/EVA blends without the presence of compatibilisers. SEM morphology displayed better interfacial adhesion due to good dispersion and interaction between RHDPE and EVA phases into each other caused by the compatibilisation effect of PE-g-MAH and CL-MAH. Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) revealed the structure of the polymer blend with the addition of CL-MAH and PE-g-MAH ascompatibilisers.


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