Preliminary Study of the Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Fibres Reinforced Unsaturated Polyester Composites


This research project investigates the mechanical properties of the corn husk fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester composite (CHFPC) and hybrid fibre (corn husk/flax) reinforced unsaturated polyester composite (HFPC) at different fibre orientations. The tensile and flexural properties of CHFPC and HFPC were manipulated by the different degrees of fibre orientations of 0°, 45°, and 90°. Both CHFPC and HFPC with 0° of fibre orientation had the highest tensile strength and flexural strength. Moreover, the tensile and flexural modulus of specimens with 0° orientation had the highest result compared to 45° and 90° orientations. However, for the elongation at break during tensile testing, 0° orientation had the highest strain, more than unsaturated polyester (UPR) and other composites. The tensile and flexural strengths of HFPC specimens with 0° fibre orientation were higher than that of CHFPC. Besides, the tensile modulus and flexural modulus of HFPC also increased as compared to CHFPC. The elongation at break of HFPC for tensile testing had the highest strain compared to CHFPC. The results showed that the mechanical properties of the hybrid fibre composite performed better compared to the single fibre composite. Moreover, the corn husk fibre (CHF) and flax fibre (FF) acted as reinforcements to enhance the mechanical properties of the UPR composites.