Thermoplastic/Natural Filler Composites: A Short Review

To cite this article: Zaaba, N. F. & Ismail, H. (2019). Thermoplastic/natural filler composites: A short review. J. Phys. Sci., 30(Supp. 1), 81–99,


Plastics have many benefits due to their light weight, cost effectiveness, durability and other advantages. They are used as agricultural films, packaging, disposal consumer items, health, construction, etc. However, most of the plastics are not degradable which cause serious environmental problem. Addition of natural fillers into thermoplastics not only reduce the cost of the thermoplastic/natural filler composites but also help in reducing the waste of non-degradable plastic composite materials in the environment. Present short review deals with the issue of non-degradable plastic materials and the application of various natural fillers in thermoplastic composites. The chemical modifications including compatibilisation and radiation are reviewed and discussed.