Ultrasonic and Thermophysical Properties of Potassium Halides Crystals


In this communication, author is presenting ultrasonic and thermophysical properties of potassium fluoride (KF) and potassium chloride (KCl) by van der Waals three body force shell model with the help of second and third order elastic constants at 100 K–300 K. The elastic constants have been calculated by using Coulomb and Born– Mayer potential with the help of two parameters-distance of nearest neighbour and hardness parameter. We evaluated ultrasonic properties such as elastic constants, wave velocities, Debye temperature- average velocity, conductivity, and ultrasonic attenuation due to phonon–phonon interaction along in different direction [100],[110], and [111] orientations. The achieved results are hold good and are given very important information of these crystal for further investigation.