Vol. 17, No. 2 (2006)

  1. Rice Husk Ash Silica as a Support Material for Ruthenium Based Heterogenous Catalyst, by Farook Adam, Saraswathy Balakrishnan and Phee-Lee Wong. [Download article]
  2. Modelling and Simulation Study of Visible Emission Transmissivity of Silicon Related to Single and Multilayer Antireflection Coatings, by Kifah Q. Salih and M. R. Hashim. [Download article]
  3. Lattice Dynamics and Normal Coordinate Analysis of HTSC TI2Ba2Cu1O6, by S. Mohan, K. sonamuthu and Sujin P. Jose. [Download article]
  4. The Effect of Additives on the Size of Fe3OParticles, by W. L. Tan and M. Abu Bakar. [Download article]
  5. Phonon Spectra of High Temperature Superconductor Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10: Theory and Experiment, by S. Mohan and P. Murugesan. [Download article]
  6. Kesan Parameter Pemotongan ke atas Pembentukan Serpihan Perkakas Keluli H13 Menggnakan Mata Alat Bersalut Karbida, by Jaharah A. Ghani and Sim See Yong. [Download article]
  7. Kajian Mengenai Kesan Suhu, Kepekatan Larutan KOH dan Tempoh Punaran Terhadap Pembentukan Keadaan Potong Bawah Penjuru Diafram Beralun Silikon, by Norhayati Soin dan Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis. [Download article]
  8. The Covariability Between Anomalous Northeast Monsoon Rainfall in Malaysia and Sea Surface Temperature in Indian-Pacific Sector: A Singular Value Decomposition Analysis Approach, by Liew Juneng and Fredolin T. Tangang. [Download article]
  9. Pyrolysis Liquid Derived from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches, by N. Abdullah and A. V. Bridgwater. [Download article]
  10. On Counting Certain Permutations Used for Speech Scrambling, by B. Jayaramakrishnan, Rajesh Vijayaraghavan and V. Ravichandran. [Download article]
  11. Screen-Printed Potassium Ion Sensor Fabricated from Photocurable and Self-Plasticized Acrylic Film, by Sagir Alva, Lee Yook Heng and Musa Ahmad. [Download article]
  12. Effects of Si, Al2O3 and SiC Substrates on the Characteristics of DBRS Structure for GaN Based Laser, by N. M. Ahmed, M. R. Hashim and Z. Hassan. [Download article]
  13. A Hydrogen Sensitive Pd/GaN Schottky Diode Sensor, by A. Y. Hudeish and A. Abdul Aziz. [Download article]