Vol. 20, No. 2 (2009)

  1. Effect of Filler Incorporation of the Fracture Toughness Properties of Denture Base Poly (Methyl Methacrylate), by N. W. Elshereksi, S. H. Mohamed, A. Arifin and Z. A. Mohd Ishak.
  2. Structural and Dielectric Properties of the Mn-Doped BaO-Nd2O3-4TiO2 System, by Srimala Sreekantan, Chong Tun Shin and Ahmad Fauzi Mohd Noor.
  3. Synthesis, Characterisation and Catalytic Performance of Porous Nafion Resin/Silica Nanocomposites for Esterification of Lauric Acid and Methanol, by H. N. Lim, M. A. Yarmo, N. M. Huang, P. S. Khiew and W. S. Chiu.
  4. Comparison of the Effects of Organoclay Loading on the Curing and Mechanical Properties of Organoclay-Filled Epoxidised Natural Rubber Nanocomposites and Organoclay-Filled Natural Rubber Nanocomposites, by R. N. Hakim and H. Ismail.
  5. Effects of Electrolyte Natures on the Formation of Well-Ordered Titania Nanotubes Produced Via Anodisation, by Srimala Sreekantan and Ling Mee Hung.
  6. Removal of Hexacyanoferrate(II) Using Zn-Al-OAc Hydrotalcite as an Anion Exchanger, by Roto Roto, Fitriana Nindiyasari and Iqmal Tahir.
  7. Effect of Treated and Treated Filler Loading on the Mechanical, Morphological, and Water Absorption of Water Hyacinth Fibers-Low Density Polyethylene Composites, by Supri A. G. and B. Y. Lim.
  8. Volumetric and Thermodynamic Studies of Molecular Interactions in Ternary Liquid Mixtures at 303, 308 and 313K, by A. N. Kannappan, S. Thirumaran and R. Palani.