Vol. 28, Supp. 1 (2017)

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Editorial Notes, by Low Siew Chun and Shuhaida Harun (Guest Editors)

  1. A Novel Methodology for Molecular Design via Data Driven Techniques, by Wan Qi Woo, Lik Yin Ng, Umaganeswaran Sivaneswaran and Nishanth G. Chemmangattuvalappil
  2. Flux and Permeation Behaviour of Ultrafiltration in Sugaring Out Cellulose Hydrolysate Solution: A Membrane Screening, by Masniroszaime Md Zain, Abdul Wahab Mohammad and Nur Hanis Hayati Hairom
  3. Biomethane Purification Using PVDF/Pebax 1657 Thin Film Composite Membrane, by Mohamad Syafiq Abdul Wahab, Sunarti Abdul Rahman and Abdul Latif Ahmad
  4. Overview of the Potential of Bio-Succinic Acid Production from Oil Palm Fronds, by Jian Ping Tan, Jamaliah Md Jahim, Shuhaida Harun and Ta Yeong Wu
  5. Synthesis and Characterisation of Polyethersulfone Membranes Incorporated with Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles for Xylitol Separation from Mixed Sugars Solution, by Khalefa A. Faneer, Rosiah Rohani and Abdul Wahab Mohammad
  6. Recovery of Organic Acids from Fermentation Broth Using Nanofiltration Technologies: A Review, by Nadiah Khairul Zaman, Jeng Yih Law, Pui Vun Chai, Rosiah Rohani and Abdul Wahab Mohammad
  7. Supported Liquid Membrane Using Hybrid Polyethersulfone/Graphene Flat Sheet Membrane for Acetic Acid Removal, by Norlisa Harruddin, Syed M. Saufi, Che Ku M. Faizal, Abdul Wahab Mohammad and Huang Nay Ming
  8. Advances in Liquid Absorbents for CO2 Capture: A Review, by Aishah Rosli, Abdul Latif Ahmad, Jit Kang Lim and Siew Chun Low
  9. Binding Stability of β-CD on MWCNTS: Role of Washing Cycle on the β-CD Coating, by Zeinab Abbas Jawad, Abdul Latif Ahmad, Siew Chun Low, Eric Wong Tung Seng, Chek Fong Bryan Soh, Lavania Sugu and Thiam Leng Chew
  10. Thermogravimetric Study of Napier Grass in Inert and Oxidative Atmospheres Conditions, by Tan Hong Boon, Abdul Raheem, Wan Azlina Wan Abdul Karim Ghani, Siti Aslina Hussain and Denny Ng Kok Sum
  11. Characterisation of Cellulases and Xylanase from Trichoderma virens UKM1 and its Potential in Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (OPEFB) Saccharification, by Barbara Ngikoh, Noor Adila Abdul Karim, Jamaliah Jahim, Farah Diba Abu Bakar and Abdul Munir Abdul Murad
  12. Effect of Air Gap Distance on PES/PVA Hollow Fibre Membrane’s Morphology and Performance, by Abdul Latif Ahmad and Zulfida Mohamad Hafis Mohd Shafie
  13. Thickness Effect on the Morphology and Permeability of CO2/N2 Gases in Asymmetric Polyetherimide Membrane, by Abdul Latif Ahmad, Salaudeen Yusuf Olatunji and Zeinab Abbas Jawad
  14. Size Control and Stability Study of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 to Prepare Mixed Matrix Membrane, by Peng Chee Tan, Boon Seng Ooi, Abdul Latif Ahmad and Siew Chun Low
  15. Modification of Activated Carbon from Biomass Nypa and Amine Functional Groups as Carbon Dioxide Adsorbent, by Nur ‘Izzati A. Ghani, Nur Yusra Mt Yusuf, Wan Nor Roslam Wan Isahak and Mohd Shahbuddin Masdar
  16. Interaction Effects of pH and Inhibitors in Oil Palm Frond (OPF) Hemicelullosic Hydrolysate on Xylitol Production: A Statistical Study, by Shareena Fairuz Abdul Manaf, Abdullah Amru Indera Luthfi, Jamaliah Md Jahim and Shuhaida Harun
  17. Tribological Investigation of Graphene as Lubricant Additive in Vegetable Oil, by
    Stephen Sie Kiong Kiu, Suzana Yusup, Chok Vui Soon, Taufiq Arpin, Syahrullail Samion and Ruzaimah Nik Mohamad Kamil
  18. Physicochemical Properties and Structural Characterisation of Fatty Acids Derived from Jatropha curcas Oil Using Microwave Assisted Alkaline Hydrolysis, by Nur’aini Raman Yusuf,  Ruzaimah Nik Mohamad Kamil and Suzana Yusup
  19. Factors Affecting Enzymatic Hydrolysis from Pretreated Fibre Pressed Oil Palm Frond Using Sacchariseb C6, by Fatin Syazwana Hashim, Wan Mohd Hafizuddin Wan Yussof, Mah Kah Hong, Nurul Fatihah Mohamad Roli, Syed Mohd Saufi Tuan Chik, Mazrul Nizam Abu Seman and Abdul Wahab Mohammad