Study of Physico-Chemical Properties and Growth Dimension Augmentation of Barium Succinate Single Crystals Grown by Slow Evaporation Technique


Slow evaporation method was adopted to grow barium succinate (BS) single crystals for the first time and diamond shape crystals were successfully synthesised with dimension 14 mm3 × 17 mm3 × 4 mm3. Single crystal x-ray diffraction studies show that the crystal system is monoclinic. Powder x-ray diffraction studies confirmed the crystallinity of the grown BS crystal. From energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) analysis the presence of barium metal was confirmed. The functional group of the BS crystal was confirmed from fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrum. The crystals were found to be hydrated and thermally stable up to 150°C. BS crystal possesses good transmittance in the wavelength range 250 nm–1200 nm and it is non-linear optical (NLO) active material. The BS crystals have mechanical softness and normal dielectric behaviour.