Vol. 33, No. 2 (2022)

  1. RF Sputtered ZnO Nanoballs on Porous Substrate for Highly Sensitive NO2 Gas Sensing Applications, by Pankaj Varshney, Vinay Kumar, Pankaj Singh, Ramphal Sharma and Arvind Kumar
  2. Green Synthesised Bismuth Ferrite for PVA-PANI-BFO Polymer-Nanocomposite Membrane: Impacts on Ionic Conductivity with Variation of Relative Humidity, by Diptarka Roy, Kamlesh Pandey and Anil Kumar Yadav
  3. Effect of Quartz in Clay on Grindability of Raw Mixes for Cement Production, by Ku Esyra Hani Ku Ishak, Syed Fuad Saiyid Hashim, Khairun Azizi Mohd Azizli, Sam Palaniandy and Hashim Hussin
  4. Compatibility of Concentrated NaOH as a Precipitation Agent in the Synthesis of Maghemite (γ-Fe2O3) Nanoparticles via Co-precipitation Method, by Hamisah Ismail, Zalita Zainuddin, Hasmaliza Mohamad and Muhammad Azmi Abdul Hamid
  5. A Comparative Study on the Radiation Attenuation Properties of Iron and Stony Meteorites: A Case of Mundrabilla and NWA 7629 Meteorites, by Canel Eke
  6. Optimisation of Ibuprofen Extraction by Emulsion Liquid Membrane Using Box-Behnken Design, by Mohd Hazarel Zairy Mohd Harun and Abdul Latif Ahmad
  7. Incorporation of Nanoparticles Based on Zingiber Officinale Essential Oil into Alginate Films for Sustained Release, by Nur Ayshah Rosli, German A. Islan, Rosnani Hasham, Guillermo R. Castro and Azila Abdul Aziz
  8. Performance and Analysis of a Designed Magnetic Lens for Microscopic Applications, by Emad H. Ahmed and Adnan K. Hasan