Wear Analysis of Spherical Graphite Cast Iron Using Pin-on Disc Tribotester

To cite this article: Muchammad et al. (2018). Wear analysis of spherical graphite cast iron using pin-on disc tribotester. J. Phys. Sci., 29(Supp. 2), 15–26, https://doi.org/10.21315/jps2018.29.s2.2


Cast iron is widely used due to low price, good machining and good damping capability. However, it has huge friction. In certain automotive components such as cylindrical liner, cast iron is used. The biggest challenge in cylinder liner is obtaining lower friction and wear. The main aim of the paper is to experimentally investigate the characteristics of wear induced by the sliding contact piston ring cylinder liner without lubrication. The modified material of spherical graphite cast iron has been explored. The indenter load, hardness and wear are of main particular interest. The pin on disk tribotester is used to obtain the characteristics of wear volume, wear width and wear depth. The other purpose of this research is to observe the characteristics of cylinder liner wear of spheroidal graphite cast iron from Klaten, Indonesia. The results show that low indenter load causes wear depth and volume. This finding is in a good agreement with published works. In addition, it is found that the material hardness also greatly affects the wear depth, wear volume and wear width.


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