Vol. 19, No. 2 (2008)

  1. Enzymatic Reduction of Ketones to Optically Active Secondary Alcohols, by R.A. Bawa, F. Ajjabou and E. Shalfooh. [Download article]
  2. Resveratrol Derivatives from Stem Bark of Hopea and their Biological Activity Test, by Sri Atun, Nurfina Aznam, Retno Arianingrum, Takaya Y. and Niwa Masatake. [Download article]
  3. Spectrophotometric Determination of Allopurinol in Tablet Formulation, by Wejdan Shakir Khayoon, Mouyad Qassim Al-Abaichy, Mohamed Jasim and
    Mohamad Affan Al-Hamadany. [Download article]
  4. Entrapment of Avidin in Sol-Gel Derived Silica Glasses, by E.S. Kunarti and G.M. Moran. [Download article]
  5. A Chemical Study on Phyllanthus Reticulatus, by A.K. Jamal, W.A. Yaacob and Laily B. Din. [Download article]
  6. Mechanical Strength of Trass as Supplementary Cementing Material, by V. Indrawati and A. Manaf. [Download article]
  7. Synthesis of Hydroxyl Radical Scavengers from Benzalacetone and Its Derivatives, by Sri Handayani and Indyah Sulistyo Arty. [Download article]
  8. Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Citrullus Lanatus Var. Colocynthoide Seed Oil, by A.K. Ziyada and S.A. Elhussein. [Download article]
  9. Electrical Conductivity of Chlorophyll with Polythiophene Thin Film on Indium Tin Oxide as p-n Heterojunction Solar Cell, by S. Hasiah, K. Ibrahim, H.B. Senin and K.B.K Halim. [Download article]
  10. Textural Characteristics of Activated Carbons Prepared from Oil Palm Shells Activated with ZnCland Pyrolysis Under Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide, by Allwar, Ahmad bin Md Noor and Mohd Asri Bin Mohd Nawi. [Download article]
  11. Synthesis of Degradable Bio-Composites Based on Recycle Polypropylene Fiiled with Bamboo Powder using a Reactive Process, by Neng Sri Suharty, Basuki Wirjosentono, Maulidan Firdaus, Desi S. Handayani, Jamilatus Sholikhah, Yuniarni A. Maharani. [Download article]
  12. Emulsion polymers of Core-Shell Styrene-Butyl Acrylate : The Effect of Feeding and Aging Time on Particle Size Distribution, by Helmiyati and Emil Budianto. [Download article]
  13. Using of HPLC Analysis for Evaluation of Residual Monomer Content in Denture Base Material and their Effect on Mechanical Properties, by S.H. Mohamed, Alb. M. Al-Jadi and T. Ajaal. [Download article]
  14. Effect of Temperature on Corrosion Behavior of AISI 304 Stainless Steel with Magnesium Carbonate Deposit, by Habsah Md. Ishak, M. Misbahul Amin and Mohd Nazree Derman [Download article]