Vol. 32, No. 1 (2021)

  1. A Control System on the Syringe Pump Based on Arduino for Electrospinning Application, by Amir Supriyanto, Rani Anggriani, Sri Wahyu Suciyati, Arif Surtono, Junaidi and Sutopo Hadi
  2. Preparation of Cellulose Hydrogel from Sago Pith Waste as a Medium for Seed Germination, by Angeline Lecca Wilbert Jampi, Suk-Fun Chin, Mohd Effendi Wasli and Chin-Hua Chia
  3. Stability, Phase and Absorption Analysis of 4-Alkenyl Bicyclohexylnitrile: Thermodynamic and Spectroscopic Approaches, by Rashmi Rekha Sahoo, K. Subrahmanya Sarma and P. Lakshmi Praveen
  4. Fabrication of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Dense Layer on Porous Polyethersulfone (PES) Hollow Fibre Membrane with Varying Dip Coating Parameters, by Amir Ikmal Hassan, Abdul Latif Ahmad, Zulfida Mohamad Hafis Mohd Shafie and Nur Dina Zaulkiflee
  5. The Efficiency of Natural Dyes-based Dye Sensitised Solar Cells, by Motlan and Nurdin Siregar
  6. Synthesis of Indolostilbenes via FeCl3-promoted Oxidative Cyclisation and their Biological Effects on NG108-15 Cell Viability and H2O2-induced Cytotoxicity, by Mohamad Nurul Azmi, Tan Aik Sian, Munirah Suhaimi, Muhamad Noor Alfarizal Kamarudin, Mohd Fadzli Md Din, Mohd Azlan Nafiah, Noel F. Thomas, Habsah Abdul Kadir and Khalijah Awang
  7. Effective removal of Reactive Brown 10 from Aqueous Solution by Using Chitosan Beads: Batch and Experimental Design Studies, by Wan-Yean Chung and Siew-Teng Ong
  8. Particle Swarm Optimisation Algorithm to Determine the Effect of Working Electrode Thickness on Dye-sensitised Solar Cell Internal Parameters, by Fahru Nurosyid, Muhammad Ivan Bachtiar and Nuryani