Vol. 32, No. 3 (2021)

  1. Luminescence and Crystalline Properties of InGaN-based LED on Si Substrate with AlN/GaN Superlattice Structure, by Ezzah Azimah Alias, Muhamad Ikram Md Taib, Ahmad Shuhaimi Abu Bakar, Takashi Egawa, Anthony J. Kent, Wan Maryam Wan Ahmad Kamil and Norzaini Zainal
  2. Performance Evaluation of Copper and Stainless-steel Electrodes in Electrical Tomographic Imaging, by Adedibu Sunny Akingboye and Andy Anderson Bery
  3. Conductive Polymer Composites Made from Polypropylene and Recycled Graphite Scrap, by Dylan Jia Yee Tong, Seong Chun Koay, Ming Yeng Chan, Kim Yeow Tshai, Thai Kiat Ong and Yose Fachmi Buys
  4. Preliminary Study of the Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Fibres Reinforced Unsaturated Polyester Composites, by Chek Shin Tan, Ming Yeng Chan and Seong Chun Koay
  5. Structural and Optical Properties of MAl2O4 Spinel-type Prepared by Solution Combustion Synthesis Method for Photocatalytic Application, by Khaled Mahi and Rabah Mostefa
  6. Synthesis and Characteristics of Multifunctional Magneto-luminescent Nanoparticles by an Ultrasonic Wave-assisted StÓ§ber Method, by Tien Dung Chu and Hoang Nam Nguyen
  7. The Physical and Mechanical Properties of Corn-based Bioplastic Films with Different Starch and Glycerol Content, by Nur Nadia Nasir and Siti Amira Othman
  8. Fracture Toughness of Poly (Methyl Methacrylate)/Hydroxyapatite Denture Base Composite: Effect of Planetary Ball Milling Mixing Time, by Jamal Moammar Aldabib and Zainal Arifin Mohd Ishak