Vol. 23, No. 1 (2012)

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  1. Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies on the Adsorption of Direct Dye onto a Novel Green Adsorbent Developed from Uncaria Gambir Extract, by Azraa Achmad, Jain Kassim, Tong Kim Suan, Rozaini Che Amat and Tan Lean Seey.
  2. Analysis of Etching of Tooth-coloured Restoratives by Different Acidulating Systems in Topical Fluoride Gels, by Kasmawati Mokhtar and John McIntyre.
  3. Secondary Metabolites from Jatropha Podagrica Hook, by Nowshin N. Rumzhum, Md. Hossain Sohrab, Muhammad Abdullah Al-Mansur, Mohammad S. Rahman, Choudhury M. Hasan and Mohammad A. Rashid.
  4. Electrical and Optical Properties of Magnesium-filled Polystyrene (PS-Mg) Composites, by Ibrahim R. Agool.
  5. Preliminary Studies on 222Rn Concentration in Ground Water from Zaria, Nigeria, by Nuraddeen Nasiru Garba, Rabi’u Nasru and Bala Balarabe Mohd Dewu.
  6. Optimisation and Kinetics Studies on the Extraction of Essential Oil from Zingiber Cassumunar, by Teoh Yi Peng, Mashitah Mat Don and Muhammad Azhar Tahrel.
  7. Secondary Metabolites from Seed Extracts of Syzygium Cumini (L.), by Md. Al Amin Sikder, Mohammad A. Kaisar, Mohammad S. Rahman, Choudhury M. Hasan, Adnan J. Al-Rehaily and Mohammad A. Rashid.
  8. Analysis of the Absorption Spectra of Styrene-butadiene in Toluene, by Mahasin F. Hadi Al-Kadhemy, Raad Hussein and Ali A. Dawood Al-Zuky.