Vol. 34, No. 3 (2023)

  1. The Effect of Carbonisation Heating Rates on the Properties of N-Doped Teak Sawdust Waste Activated Carbon, by Dewa Ngakan Ketut Putra Negara, Tjokorda Gede Tirta Nindhia, Cokorda Istri Putri Kusuma Kencanawati, I Gusti Agung Kade Suriadi, I Made Widiyarta, I Putu Lokantara and I Nyoman Budiarsa
  2. The Kinetic Behaviour of Mn+7/H+ Ions Towards Mannose Molecule, by Mustafa Jaip Allah Abdelmageed Abualreish
  3. Issue of VHF Continuous Emission Radars Coordinate Measurement Discrepancy, by Ivan Vasiliev, Sergey Saliy, Rollan Altynbekov, Gulshat Rysbayeva and Vladimir Echin
  4. Effects of Plasticiser on the Morphology and Swelling Properties of Cellulose-based Hydrogels Derived from Wastepaper, by Bebe Norlita Mohamed, Suk Fun Chin and Mohd Effendi Wasli
  5. Acidity’s Impact on Yield, Morphological Structure, and Surface Functionalities of Polyaniline Synthesised via Oxidative Polymerisation, by Dounia Ousmane Ahmat, Zeinab Abbas Jawad, Vahid Khosravi, and Swee Pin Yeap
  6. A Kinetic Study of Oxidation of New [Co(L)2(H2O)2] Complex by N-bromosuccinimide (NBS), by Takwa E. Ellakwa, A. A. H. Basry and Sawsan M. Abu El Hassan
  7. Accumulation and Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Sediments from Dredged Tributaries and Creeks of River Ethiope, South-South, Nigeria, by Eyenubo, O.B., Ikpefan, J.O., Peretomode, V.O., Egharevba, F, Osakwe, S.A. and Avwioro, O.G.
  8. Enhanced Characterisation Studies and Synthesis of Undoped and Copper Doped-Organic Nonlinear Optical Single Crystal: L-Alanine Aluminium Nitrate, by Anand Kumar Pandey, Raghvendra Pratap Singh, Ahmed Hussain Jawhari and Ritu Singh