Vol. 29, Supp. 2 (2018)

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Editorial Notes, by Adhi Kusumastuti

  1. Thermal Characteristics of Microwave Reactor for Pyrolysis of Food Waste, by Samsudin Anis, Yanuar Adi Kurniawan, Wirawan Sumbodo, Rais Alhakim and Suprayoga Edi Lestari
  2. Wear Analysis of Spherical Graphite Cast Iron Using Pin-on Disc Tribotester, by Muchammad, Imam Syafa’at, Fuad Hilmy, Mohammad Tauviqirrahman and Jamari
  3. Particle and Crystallite Size Characterisation of Lead Titanate Derived from Solid-state Reaction Method, by Dony Hidayat Al-Janan, Rahmat Doni Widodo, Rusiyanto and Leonardus Dimas Bima Saputra
  4. Study of Thermal Heating of Waste Engine Oil in a Microwave Pyrolysis Reactor, by Moh. Arif Budianto, Samsudin Anis and Wirawan Sumbodo
  5. Production of Liquid Oil from Thermolysis of Electrical and Electronic Wastes (E-waste) under Microwave Irradiation, by Samsudin Anis, Suprayoga Edi Lestari, Wahyudi and Karnowo
  6. A New Hybrid of Photovoltaic-thermoelectric Generator with Hot Mirror as Spectrum Splitter, by Mustofa, Zuryati Djafar, Syafaruddin and Wahyu Haryadi Piarah
  7. Behaviour of Over-reinforced Concrete Beams with Double Helix and Double Square Confinements Related to Ultimate Bending and Shear Strength, by Horng Hean Tee, Kousay Al-Sanjery and Jeffrey Choong Luin Chiang
  8. Seismic Performance of the King Cross Steel Profile in Interior Reinforced Concrete Beam-column Joint, by Rahmani Kadarningsih, Iman Satyarno, Muslikh and Andreas Triwiyono
  9. Improving the Masonry Brick Ductility using Mortar Bed Joint from Rubber Tire Crumbs: A Review, by Restu Faizah, Iman Satyarno, Henricus Priyosulistyo and Akhmad Aminullah
  10. Shear Strength Behaviour of Steel Truss Embedded in Flexural Plastic Hinge Zone of Reinforced Concrete Beam Subjected to Reversed Cyclic Loading, by Fatmawati Amir, Iman Satyarno and Djoko Sulistyo
  11. The Implementation of Fuzzy Expert Systems on Concrete Bridge Investigation with Octave, by Setiono, Wibowo and Sofa Marwoto
  12. Effect of Water Content and Water Type on the Physical Properties of Concrete, by Elviana, Ashar Saputra and Djoko Sulistyo
  13. Emulsion Liquid Membrane for Textile Dyes Removal: Extraction Process, by Adhi Kusumastuti, Samsudin Anis, Rodia Syamwil and Abdul Latif Ahmad
  14. Physical Properties of Edible Sorgum Starch Film Added with Carboxymethyl Cellulose, by Rr. Dewi Artanti Putri, Aji Setiawan and Puji Diah Anggraini
  15. Extraction of Phenol from Bio-oil Produced by Pyrolysis of Coconut Shell, by Dewi Selvia Fardyanti, Megawati, Heri Istanto, Muhammad Khusni Anajib, Prayogo and Ummi Habibah
  16. Design and Construction of Chem-E-Car SMARTTRONS Powered by Thermoelectric Generator Utilising Temperature Gradient of Two Reactors, by Dhoni Hartanto, Waliyuddin Sammadikun, Akhmad Sutrisno, Abdul Basit, Ade Surya Siladryanto, Bayu Triwibowo, Haniif Prasetiawan, Widi Astuti, Megawati, Achmad Chafidz, Wara Dyah Pita Rengga, Ratna Dewi Kusumaningtyas and Ianatul Khoiroh
  17. Esterification of Non-edible Oil Mixture in Reactive Distillation Column over Solid Acid Catalyst: Experimental and Simulation Study, by Ratna Dewi Kusumaningtyas, Haniif Prasetiawan, Brylian Rizky Pratama, Dani Prasetya and Anwaruddin Hisyam
  18. Emulsion Liquid Membrane for Cadmium Removal: Determination of Liquid Membrane Components, by Adhi Kusumastuti, Nur Qudus, Samsudin Anis and Abdul Latif Ahmad
  19. Modelling of Adsorptive-distillation of Ethanol-water Using Natural and Synthetic Zeolites as Adsorbent, by Megawati, Wara Dyah Pita Rengga, Dewi Selvia Fardhyanti, Afiati Estrina Akhir and Wahyudi Budi Sendiawan
  20. Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Whiskers with Hydrothermal Method for Composite Absorbent Material of Microwave of ZnOw/MWCNT/Epoxy, by Mohammad Wahyu Ristiawan, Priyono, Agus Subagio, Arifin Muhammad Abdul Kholil and Andhika Ajiesastra
  21. Process Evaluation of Biodiesel Production from Nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum) Oil Enhanced by Ionic Liquid + NaOH Catalyst and Microwave Heating System, by Prima Astuti Handayani, Abdullah and Hadiyanto